The Vibrix Price Action expert advisor for Metatrader 4 is a highly advanced forex robot that utilizes multiple price action strategies to identify high-probability setups and execute profitable trades. In backtests, this EA generated over $92,000 in net profit with only a 1.12% drawdown.

If you want an intelligent automated day trading system that can analyze charts and make trading decisions like a pro, Vibrix Price Action is an excellent option to consider. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know including features, performance, installation, and expert tips.

Overview of the Vibrix Price Action Algorithm

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Vibrix Price Action was developed by expert coders with decades of combined trading experience. It incorporates the same price action techniques commonly used by professional traders into an automated algorithm.

Some of the key features and benefits of this forex robot include:

  • Analyzes price action patterns, trends, volatility, momentum
  • Can identify continuations, reversals, breakouts
  • Executes trades based purely on technical analysis
  • Optimized parameters for high accuracy
  • Works on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD and more
  • Fully automated hands-free trading system
  • Customizable settings to fit any trader’s style
  • Transparent backtests and real account results

Vibrix Price Action implements solid risk management on every trade to protect capital while steadily growing the account. Rather than aiming for home runs, it focuses on consistency over the long run.

Now let’s examine some of the specific price action strategies used by this expert advisor.

Price Action Strategies Powering the Vibrix Robot

vibrix group forex ea

The Vibrix Price Action EA incorporates several sophisticated technical analysis methods into its decision-making model. These include:

Chart Pattern Recognition

  • Flags, pennants, triangles, double tops/bottoms
  • Quantifies pattern reliability and projected move

Trend Analysis

  • Direction, strength, exhaustion signals
  • Combination of price action and indicators

Momentum Analysis

  • Oscillators like RSI, Stochastics, CCI
  • Identify divergences and overextended moves

Volatility Analysis

  • Measure market volatility and adapt accordingly
  • Take advantage of volatile moves in trending markets

Candlestick Analysis

  • Real-body and shadow analysis
  • High-probability candlestick patterns

By combining these price action techniques, Vibrix EA can make informed trading decisions similar to a seasoned trader. The strategies work together to find high-probability setups across different market conditions.

Trade Execution Logic of the Vibrix Robot

Once the Vibrix Price Action EA identifies a potential trading opportunity, it moves to the next phase of executing the trade with precision.

The adviser is capable of placing all standard order types including:

  • Market orders
  • Pending orders (buy/sell limit, buy/sell stop)
  • Trailing stops to lock in profits

Entry execution uses customizable slippage/requote logic to get the best fills. The stop loss and take profit levels are optimized for each type of trade setup.

The Vibrix robot aims for a minimum 1:2 risk-reward ratio, but often capitalizes on longer trends for an even higher reward potential. It has settings to scale position size according to the trade probability.

Managing open trades is also handled automatically with options like trailing stops, break-even stops, and close by opposite signal. Thanks to the advanced coding, you don’t need to babysit open trades.

Overall, this systematic order execution framework ensures every transaction is handled as efficiently as possible in real-time.

Adjusting Vibrix Price Action Inputs for Customization

vibrix group ea settings

One of the great aspects of the Vibrix EA is its flexibility. You have control over many different settings to customize the trading behavior.

Some of the key input options include:

Trading Hours – Specify which session/times to trade or avoid

Position Sizing – Fixed lot, percent risk, compounding

Order Types – Allowed entry/exit order types

TP/SL – Custom pip values or auto calculation

Candles – Number of candles for price action analysis

Logging – Enable detailed logging for performance review

Partial Close – Close partial position at profit target

Closing Orders – Custom rules for closing all trades

The best approach is to start with default settings, then later optimize inputs for your account once you have observed the EA in action. Proper customization can help maximize profitability.

Backtests Showing the Potential of Vibrix Price Action

Extensive backtesting on historical price data enables us to gauge the potential profitability of the Vibrix Price Action robot under simulated trading conditions.

The detailed backtest report shows the expert advisor is capable of generating steady gains over long periods. Some key metrics include:

  • Net Profit – $92,630
  • Win Rate – 65%
  • Profit Factor – 1.75
  • Max Drawdown – 1.12%
  • Trades – 729 (475 wins)
  • Best Month – $12,340 profit
  • Worst Month – $340 loss

These results demonstrate the EA’s edge across different market conditions over many years. The combination of solid win rate, high risk-reward ratio, and low drawdown is impressive.

Of course, live trading results in real market conditions are the ultimate test.

Live Account Results from Vibrix Price Action

Seeing is believing when it comes to real account trading history. The developers of the Vibrix Price Action EA have already achieved excellent live results:

  • Net Profit – $68,000
  • Win Rate – 62%
  • Drawdown – 1.45%
  • Trades – 521
  • Instruments – EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD

The live metrics align very closely with the backtests, confirming that the strategies also work well in live environments. The transparency of these results further validates the effectiveness of the Vibrix trading algorithm.

Guide to Setting Up Vibrix Price Action on MT4

Installing the Vibrix Price Action EA on your Metatrader 4 platform only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Download the VibrixGroupEA.ex4 file to your computer.
  2. Open the File > Open Data Folder menu in MT4.
  3. Paste the VibrixGroupEA.ex4 file into the Experts folder.
  4. Restart your Metatrader 4 platform.
  5. Locate Vibrix Price Action EA in Navigator and attach to a chart.
  6. Input your custom settings on the Inputs tab.
  7. Click the Allow Automated Trading button and you’re ready!

The entire process can be completed in just a couple minutes. Before long, you can have this intelligent advisor scanning the markets and executing trades for you automatically.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from Vibrix EA

Here are some additional expert tips to help you get the highest performance from the Vibrix Price Action trading robot:

  • Use a low spread ECN broker for best trade execution
  • Optimize settings for your account size and risk appetite
  • Start with small position sizes and reinvest profits
  • Use pending orders and price alerts for trade management
  • Avoid major news events unless you use the close all option
  • Monitor trades occasionally but allow full automation
  • Test thoroughly on demo before going live
  • Analyze trade history periodically and adjust inputs

By following these guidelines, the Vibrix EA can work seamlessly for you as a set-and-forget automated day trading solution. Be sure to customize the settings aligned with your individual trading plan.

The Verdict on Vibrix Price Action EA

In summary, the combination of real account results and backtests provides strong evidence that the Vibrix Price Action deserves consideration as a top-tier forex robot. The price action strategies powering this EA represent the same techniques used by professional traders daily.

The level of detail in the algorithm is impressive – this is clearly not a simple EA churned out quickly. A significant amount of work went into developing and optimizing the Vibrix trading logic.

For traders looking for an automated price action trading system, the Vibrix Price Action EA hits the mark on all fronts. It’s able to technical analyze price charts seamlessly and make reasoned trading decisions autonomously.

The transparency of results further validates the profit potential of this expert advisor. With the right custom inputs aligned to your account, the Vibrix EA has the capability to take your trading to new heights!

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The Vibrix Price Action expert advisor for Metatrader 4 is a highly advanced forex robot that utilizes multiple price action strategies

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