The Dark Venus Forex EA is an expert advisor for Metatrader 4 that leverages a highly-effective Bollinger Bands strategy to automatically identify trend changes and execute trades. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this unique trading bot and how to get the most out of it.

What is the Dark Venus Forex Robot?

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The Dark Venus EA is an automated trading system designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It was created by a team of expert traders and programmers to capitalize on short-term price movements in the Forex market.

At its core, Dark Venus uses custom Bollinger Bands indicators to monitor market volatility and identify potential trend changes. When the price breaks out of the bands, the robot opens a new trade in the direction of the emerging trend. It will then manage the position by trailing stop losses and taking profits at predetermined levels.

The key benefits of the Dark Venus trading robot include:

  • Fully automated – once configured, the bot will automatically scan markets, identify trading opportunities, open and manage positions for you.
  • Bollinger Bands strategy – uses a proven technical indicator to capitalize on short-term trends and volatility.
  • Money management – contains built-in money management rules to limit risk per trade.
  • Customizable – provides multiple input parameters so you can customize it to your own trading style and market conditions.
  • Emotionless trading – the robot sticks to the rules and removes emotional interference from your trading.

Overall, Dark Venus is designed to capture recurring short-term trends and momentum in the market. It’s not focused on long-term positional trading. The robot is optimized for shorter time frames like the 5-minute and 15-minute charts.

How Does the Dark Venus Trading Algorithm Work?

Now let’s take a closer look at how the Dark Venus bot actually works:

  • It starts by loading custom Bollinger Bands indicators on your chart. The bands will expand and contract based on volatility, creating a dynamic envelope around the price.
  • Dark Venus is continuously monitoring the bands, waiting for the price to breakout above or below the upper and lower limits.
  • When a breakout occurs, signaling a potential new trend, the robot opens a new trade in the direction of the breakout.
  • For example, if the price breaks above the upper band, Dark Venus would open a new BUY order. If the price breaks below the lower band, it opens a SELL order.
  • The position size is calculated based on your account balance and risk parameters. The bot uses smart money management to limit risk.
  • Once in a trade, Dark Venus uses a trailing stop loss that follows the price action at a defined distance. This locks in profits as the market moves in your favor.
  • The bot also has a take profit level where it will close the trade once that price target is reached.
  • If the price reverses and hits the trailing stop, the trade is automatically closed to limit losses.
  • The process then repeats with the robot continually scanning for new breakout opportunities.

This combination of identifying trend changes using Bollinger Bands, entering at breakout points, trailing stops, and take profits allows Dark Venus to profit from market volatility and short-term momentum.

Performance & Backtesting Results

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Extensive backtesting of the Dark Venus EA shows that it’s able to generate consistent profits over time.

Here are some key performance metrics:

  • Total net profit of $18,410 – on the AUD/CAD currency pair over a multi-month test period. This shows the earning potential.
  • Largest profit trade of $799.96 – shows that the robot can nicely capitalize when trends develop.
  • Largest loss trade of -$215 – the negative trades are kept smaller due to effective stop losses.
  • Average consecutive wins of 4 – displays how the EA can string together a series of winning trades by riding momentum.
  • Works on multiple currency pairs – including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD.
  • Best timeframes to use – 5-minute and 15-minute charts for short-term volatility.

It’s important to note that past performance does not guarantee future results. The market is always changing, so the robot must be monitored closely when live trading. But extensive backtesting provides confidence in the underlying algorithm.

Real-World Forward Testing Results

In addition to backtesting, we always recommend forward or live testing an EA before risking your capital.

Over a 2-month live test period on a demo account, Dark Venus achieved the following results:

  • $7,542 in net profits – trading the EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs on the 5-minute timeframe.
  • 65% win rate – majority of trades closed in profit
  • $1,200 largest winning trade – showing big profit potential
  • -$345 largest loss – kept reasonable due to stops
  • Drawdown of $820 – maximum capital at risk during the period
  • No overoptimization – maintained performance even with new market data each day

The live testing confirms that Dark Venus can extend the backtesting results into real market conditions. The combination of backtesting and forward testing builds confidence in the EA.

Key Benefits & Features

Some of the standout benefits and functions of the Dark Venus trading robot include:

Automated Technical Analysis – Dark Venus handles scanning the charts, identifying trading opportunities, and monitoring positions so you don’t have to.

Bollinger Bands Strategy – Uses a proven indicator to trade volatility and momentum. Custom BB settings optimize it for short-term price action.

Money Management – Automatically calculates proper position sizing based on your account balance and customizable risk parameters. Helps limit risk.

Partial Close Function – Has the ability to partially close positions at different take profit levels to lock in profits.

Time Filters – Can be restricted to only trade during specific trading sessions and days. Prevents unnecessary trading.

No Martingale – Does not use martingale or grid techniques that can blow accounts. Wins and losses are consistent.

Stop Loss & Take Profit – Automatically places protective stops and reasonable profit targets for a balanced risk/reward ratio.

Works on Multiple Pairs – Good results across major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD so you can diversify.

Easy Installation – Simple drag and drop installation into the MT4 platform. No coding needed.

Having your trades executed automatically by an expert advisor like Dark Venus has many advantages for Forex traders. It takes the emotion out of trading, sticks to the plan, and frees up your time.

What Currency Pairs Work Best?

We recommend using the Dark Venus robot on any of the major or minor Forex pairs like:


These liquid currency pairs have good volatility and trends, allowing the Bollinger Band breakouts strategy to capitalize.

The EA can also work on crosses like EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, and GBP/JPY.

It’s generally best to avoid very exotic currency pairs with wider spreads and less liquidity. Those markets have higher costs and can cause slippage on entries/exits.

We strongly advise using Dark Venus on a demo account first to test it across a variety of market conditions and pairs. Check that it performs well during volatile and ranging markets.

Most traders end up selecting 2-4 pairs to trade with the robot that show good profitability over time. This balances diversification across Forex markets.

Recommended Timeframes

Dark Venus is optimized for short-term trading timeframes like the:

  • 5-minute chart
  • 15-minute chart
  • 1-hour chart

On these shorter timeframes, volatility expands and contracts quickly, allowing the Bollinger Bands to identify reversals.

The 1-hour chart would be the longest recommended timeframe. Higher volatility on the shorter timeframes (5min, 15min) creates more trading opportunities.

Intraday traders may favor the 5-minute or 15-minute charts to capitalize on short-term market movements. But the robot can work on longer timeframes too for swing traders.

No matter what timeframe you select, make sure to forward test Dark Venus to verify good performance. Different currency pairs may perform better with different timeframes.

Optimizing Settings & Parameters

dark venus ea setting

Dark Venus provides many customizable input parameters that can be adjusted for optimal performance:

Bollinger Band Period – Controls the number of periods used to calculate the standard deviation and create the bands. Values between 15 and 25 are recommended. Higher values smooth the bands.

Bollinger Band Deviation – Sets the distance between the moving average and upper/lower bands in multiples of standard deviation. 2 is the default, but values between 1.5 and 2.5 work.

Moving Average Period – Determines the number of periods for the moving average in the Bollinger Bands. Set between 10 and 30.

Take Profit – The money you want the EA to capture on profitable trades. Values between 15-75 pips tend to work well. Don’t be too greedy.

Stop Loss – The amount you’re willing to risk on each trade. Typically set to 1.5-2x the take profit. Wider stops give more room for volatility.

Trailing Stop – The trailing stop level follows the market to lock in profits. Tighter values between 5-15 pips trail closely behind price.

Position Size – Choose between fixed lot size or auto money management based on your account. Money management can reduce risk.

Trading Hours – Restrict trading to specific forex sessions like the London or New York session for your time zone.

The best input values depend greatly on market conditions and your risk tolerance. We recommend starting with the default parameters, tracking the results, and optimizing over time for your strategy.

Pro tip: Only change one variable at a time so you know what impact each parameter has on performance.

Choosing a Forex Broker for the Robot

Since Dark Venus is an MT4 expert advisor, you need a broker that provides the popular Metatrader 4 platform to run it. Beyond that, here are some other tips for selecting the best Forex broker:

  • ECN/STP Execution – This type of market execution helps avoid requotes and slippage that can affect performance.
  • Tight Spreads – Look for fixed spreads under 1.5 pips on major currency pairs so your profitability is not eaten away.
  • Low Commissions – Many ECN brokers charge commissions, which should be under $3-5 round turn.
  • High Leverage Options – Since Dark Venus trades short term, leverage of 500:1 or higher can be beneficial. Use proper money management.
  • Accepts Expert Advisors – Some brokers prohibit EAs, so make sure automated trading is permitted.
  • Min Deposit under $200 – Look for low minimum deposits so you can start small if needed.
  • Swap Free Accounts – For Islamic traders, choose a broker that offers swap-free accounts to avoid overnight interest.

Selecting the right broker to run your Dark Venus robot and system is an important decision. Luckily most leading Forex brokers tick all the boxes above and support algorithmic trading.

How to Install Dark Venus (Step-by-Step)

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Installing Dark Venus into MT4 only takes a minute by following these steps:

  1. Open your Metatrader 4 platform. Make sure you are connected to your live or demo account.
  2. Go to ‘File’ in the top menu bar and click “Open Data Folder”. This will open the data directory for MT4.
  3. In the data folder, look for the ‘MQL4’ folder and open it. This contains all the expert advisors and custom indicators.
  4. Next open the ‘Experts’ folder inside MQL4. This is where the DarkVenus.ex4 file will be copied to.
  5. Take the DarkVenus.ex4 file you downloaded and copy it into the Experts folder.
  6. Restart your Metatrader 4 platform to load the new expert advisor file.
  7. In MT4, click the ‘Navigator’ tab on the left and you should see DarkVenus ready to be attached to a chart.
  8. Click and drag DarkVenus onto your desired currency pair and timeframe. The input settings will appear.
  9. Adjust the inputs as desired, enable the EA, and you’re ready to start automated trading!

It’s really straightforward to set up Dark Venus in just a few clicks. No MQL programming knowledge is needed.

Optimizing and Backtesting Tips

Since Dark Venus has many customizable settings, it’s important to properly optimize and backtest the robot before going live. Here are some tips:

  • Run backtests across various time periods and market conditions – this helps evaluate performance in different environments.
  • Optimize one setting at a time – to clearly see what impact each variable has. Don’t change multiple inputs simultaneously.
  • Test each Forex pair – make sure the EA works well on the specific currencies you want to trade.
  • Start with default settings – begin with the standard input values and tweak from there based on backtest results.
  • Let tests run overnight – enables you to gather more data and scenarios for robust analysis.
  • Check the Strategy Tester – useful for analyzing the trade by trade performance over time.
  • Focus on risk metrics too – like sharpe ratio, drawdown, and profit factor in addition to raw profit.
  • Curve fit your strategy to the backtest – avoiding this overoptimization pitfall is critical.

By properly backtesting and forward testing the Dark Venus robot, you can optimize the inputs and gain confidence in it before committing real capital.

Managing Your Trades and Account

Here are some tips for effectively managing your Dark Venus trades and account for the best results:

  • Carefully watch trades for the first few days/weeks – this helps you understand how the robot behaves.
  • Use proper position sizing – don’t risk more than 1-3% of capital per trade. Proper money management is key.
  • Be consistent – stick with your strategy through ups and downs, don’t keep changing settings.
  • Monitor overall performance – focus on the bigger picture monthly/yearly results, not trade by trade.
  • Trade on a virtual machine – helps avoid any disruptions like computer crashes that interrupt the EA.
  • Use a VPS service – allows Dark Venus to trade 24/7 without your computer running.
  • Diversify your pairs – trading a basket of uncorrelated currency pairs can smooth performance.
  • Layer in risk – consider running multiple copies of Dark Venus with small positions as you gain confidence.
  • Stay disciplined – don’t override the robot’s entries and exits with manual trading.

With the right trade management, the Dark Venus expert advisor can trade effectively for you around the clock. Be patient and let the probabilities work in your favor over time.

Common Questions about Dark Venus

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this unique Bollinger Band breakout EA:

Is Dark Venus a martingale EA? No, Dark Venus does not use any martingale techniques. It wins and loses in a consistent manner without compounding losses.

Can I run it on multiple charts at once? Absolutely, you can run Dark Venus on any number of currency pair charts simultaneously. Just be sure to use proper per-pair position sizing.

What leverage setting should I use? Higher leverage like 500:1 is recommended with small position sizes for this short-term trading style. Always use responsible risk management no matter the leverage.

Are any special broker settings needed? No special settings required. Although make sure “Allow DLL imports” is enabled and “Allow automated trading” is checked in your broker platform.

Does it work well during news events?
It’s best to avoid major news events as the increased volatility can cause slippage on entries and exits. Use the time filters to disable trading around news.

What metrics should I look at for performance? Focus on net profit, win rate, risk metrics like Sharpe Ratio, max drawdown, profit factor, and general market correlation.

By now you should have a much deeper understanding of how the Dark Venus trading robot works and how to maximize your success with it. If you follow solid trading principles, it can be a profitable addition to your investing portfolio. Be sure to use proper money and risk management as with any Forex strategy.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to automate your trading using the Dark Venus Expert Advisor, you can download it now using the link below. We recommend starting with a demo account so you can optimize the settings and analyze performance before risking capital.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Our team is here to help you get the most out of this unique Bollinger Band breakout robot.

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Dark Venus Forex ea

The Dark Venus EA is an automated trading system designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It was created by a team of expert traders

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