The IS White EA V2 is an advanced forex expert advisor focused on scalping short-term trends on the M1 and M5 timeframes. Read our in-depth guide to learn how this automated trading robot works and its benefits for traders.

What is the IS White EA V2?

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The IS White EA V2 is the updated version of the original profitable forex robot IS White EA. It was developed by a team of traders with over 15 years experience in algorithmic trading.

This automated trading system opens and closes trades rapidly, aiming to capitalize on small price movements. It uses an intelligent algorithm optimized for the M1 and M5 charts to identify trading opportunities.

The EA focuses on liquid currency pairs with low spreads for reduced trading costs. Thanks to advanced money management, it can grow small accounts steadily.

Key Features of the IS White EA V2

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  • Optimized algorithm for scalping on M1 and M5 charts
  • Small stop loss to control risk on each trade
  • Ultra short-term trades, often under 1 minute
  • No dangerous martingale or grid strategies
  • Works with all MT4 brokers worldwide
  • Many customizable settings for flexibility

Performance Results on Demo Account

Extensive backtesting and demo trading shows the IS White EA V2 performs well on real market conditions.

The MyFXBook results below for a $1,000 demo account show the incredible profit potential:

  • Monthly Gain: +34.15%
  • Net Profit: $341
  • Drawdown: 6.2%
  • Trades: Over 800 trades in 1 month

These statistics prove the EA can rapidly compound gains on small accounts when settings are optimized.

Benefits for MetaTrader 4 Traders

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The IS White EA V2 provides traders several advantages:

  • Fully automated scalping trades 24/5
  • Captures profits from short-term volatility
  • Built-in risk management for each trade
  • Easy to install on any MT4 broker
  • Runs efficiently in the background
  • Suitable for new traders with small accounts

Traders can benefit from algorithmic trading opportunities and grow their accounts without watching charts all day.

Using the IS White EA V2 in MT4

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Installing the IS White EA V2 on MT4 is straightforward:

  1. Download ISWhiteEAV2.ex4 file to computer
  2. Copy .ex4 file into MT4 > MQL4 > Experts folder
  3. Restart MT4 platform
  4. Drag EA onto currency pair chart


We recommend optimizing these key settings:

  • Risk – Percent of account to risk per trade
  • Take Profit – TP level in pips
  • Stop Loss – Maximum loss per trade in pips
  • Trading Hours – When EA is active

Walk Forward Optimization

The EA should be optimized periodically for changing market conditions using walk forward analysis. This involves regular backtesting to maintain peak performance.

Demo Testing

We strongly advise running the IS White EA V2 on a demo account for at least 2 weeks to observe performance before risking real money.

Acquiring the IS White EA V2

The IS White EA V2 expert advisor is available for purchase from the developer’s website

The price is £179 for a single license. There is a 60-day money back guarantee when you buy directly from the site.

Ongoing customer support and software updates are also included for verified buyers. Visit the site today to begin scalping with this advanced trading algorithm.

The Verdict on the IS White EA V2

For traders interested in scalping profits from short-term volatility, the IS White EA V2 is an excellent option. The combination of intelligent logic, rapid trade execution, and customizable settings provides a versatile automated trading system.

After thorough demo testing, the EA can efficiently trade a real account allowing you to focus on other activities. If you have been considering algorithmic trading on MT4, the IS White EA V2 is absolutely worth exploring.

IS White Expert Advisor Free Download
Is White

The IS White EA V2 is an advanced forex expert advisor focused on scalping short-term trends on the M1 and M5 timeframes. Read our guide

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