The Breakout Scalping Robot is a top performing expert advisor for Metatrader 4 that uses an innovative buy/sell breakout strategy to make profits. This automated trading system identifies significant support and resistance levels in the market and opens positions when price breaks out above or below those levels.

In extensive backtesting over the past year, this expert advisor achieved an impressive 87.8% win rate and 22.27% gain in just 4 months. Keep reading to learn more about how this winning EA works and how you can download it to supercharge your forex trading.

Why Use A Breakout Trading Strategy?

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Breakout trading aims to capitalize on sudden momentum shifts in the market. When price breaks out of a trading range or past a key support/resistance level, it often continues moving strongly in that direction. This signals the start of a new market trend.

Savvy traders use breakouts to enter trades just as a new trend begins. This allows them to ride the price wave as it extends, hopefully leading to large profits. Some of the key advantages of breakout trading include:

  • Catching trends early as they start
  • Profiting from strong momentum moves
  • Defined trade entry and exit levels
  • Works on all timeframes and currency pairs

The Breakout Scalping Robot is optimized to identify high probability breakouts and profit from their continuation.

How The Expert Advisor Identifies Breakout Levels

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This expert advisor uses an innovative algorithm to scan the market and detect significant support and resistance zones. It identifies levels where price has reversed multiple times in the past.

The more times a level has acted as a floor or ceiling for price, the stronger it is. The robot catalogues these levels and continually monitors price action around them.

When the market approaches a historically significant breakout level, the EA prepares to trade the impending breakout. It draws boxes on your chart showing the important support/resistance zones it has detected.

Entry Logic – Trading The Breakouts

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The Breakout Scalping Robot uses strict criteria to identify high probability breakouts worth trading. A breakout trade is triggered when:

  • Price closes outside a defined support/resistance zone
  • Breakout candle body is larger than previous 20 candles average size
  • Volume increases on the breakout bar
  • Current volatility is not extreme (avoids false breakouts)

When all conditions align, the robot instantly executes a market order in the breakout direction. This timely entry allows the EA to profit as the new trend begins.

The breakout zones drawn on the chart make it easy to visualize where the EA will enter and exit trades. No more guessing if price will breakout!

Exiting At Key Chart Levels

Many breakout traders make the mistake of not having a structured trade exit strategy. But entering at optimal levels and exiting at the right time is crucial.

This expert advisor uses tactical exits to lock in profits at key chart points. Possible exit scenarios include:

  • Closing at next significant support/resistance level
  • Trailing stop loss hit
  • Profit target reached
  • Reversal candlestick pattern formed

The EA is optimized to secure profits after large breakout moves exhaust. This exit strategy maximizes gains captured from each trade.

Optimized Parameters For High Accuracy

The Breakout Scalping Robot comes preloaded with optimized input settings to deliver top performance on EUR/USD and USD/JPY pairs. The developer used genetic algorithms on 10 years of historical data to derive the ideal parameters.

However, you can adjust inputs like trade volume, stop loss, take profit, trading times, and more to suit your preferences. An extensive range of customizable options are available on the inputs tab.

Input parameters extensively tested during optimization include:

  • Breakout candle body size
  • Number of bars to check
  • Volatility threshold
  • Volume change required
  • Stop loss size
  • Take profit size

The optimized settings balance trade performance across varying market conditions over long term testing. Feel free to try out new values and see how it impacts results.

Key Benefits & Features

Here are just some of the great features packed into this expert advisor:

  • Proprietary breakout identification algorithm
  • 87.8% win rate in backtesting
  • Tactical trade entry logic
  • Smart exit rules to maximize profits
  • Works on all currency pairs and timeframes
  • Easy to install and use
  • Detailed statistics output
  • Alerts on trade openings/closings
  • Inputs fully customizable
  • Compatible with any Metatrader 4 broker

With the Breakout Scalping Robot, you get a ready-made expert advisor that can potentially deliver great results with minimal effort. Keep reading to learn how to download and install it.

Performance Statistics & Metrics

Extensive backtesting over a 12 month period has yielded impressive performance metrics for the Breakout Scalping Robot. Here are the key statistics you should know:

Total trades – 1,357 Win rate – 87.8% Profit factor – 2.21 Max drawdown – 7.1% Average trade – 18.7 pips Largest win – 142 pips Average bars in trades – 127 Monthly gain – 4.2% to 8.3%

The expert advisor showed consistent profitability across all major currency pairs. But the best results came from optimizing parameters for EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

The chart below shows the equity curve from a 4 month backtest on EUR/JPY. Steady gains can be achieved by letting the Breakout Scalping Robot trade automatically.

These metrics prove this EA has the potential to deliver great breakout trading results on a live account. Past performance does not guarantee future results, but the statistics are very promising.

Getting Started With The Breakout Scalping Robot

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If you want to automate your forex trading with a proven breakout strategy, follow the steps below to run the Breakout Scalping Robot on your Metatrader 4 account:

Step 1) Download The EA

You can get the expert advisor file by clicking the link below:

[Insert download button]

Save the .EX4 file to your computer.

Step 2) Copy The EA To Metatrader

Open your Metatrader platform and the navigate to File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts.

Copy the downloaded BreakoutScalpingRobot.ex4 into the Experts folder.

Step 3) Attach the EA To a Chart

Open a currency pair chart like EUR/USD on M15 timeframe. Drag the BreakoutScalpingRobot expert advisor onto the price chart.

Step 4) Enter Your Settings

Open the Inputs tab on the EA and enter your preferred parameters. Recommended settings for beginners:

  • Timeframe: M15
  • Trade Volume: 0.01 lots
  • Take Profit: 18 pips
  • Stop Loss: 12 pips
  • Start Hour: 0
  • End Hour: 24

Step 5) Start Trading!

Make sure your broker account has enough margin to trade and click the AutoTrading button. The expert advisor will now open trades based on the breakout strategy rules automatically!

Monitor the trades in the Account History tab. You can watch the Breakout Scalping Robot identify trading opportunities and manage your positions.

Start Automating Your Breakout Trading

The Breakout Scalping Robot makes capitalizing on forex breakouts easy. Its tactical entry rules allow catching big moves just as momentum kicks in.

With the potential for high accuracy and consistent monthly gains, this expert advisor could take your trading results to new levels. The best way to evaluate it is to download the Breakout Scalping Robot and see your own backtest and live trading results.

The simple breakout strategy coded into the EA eliminates the guesswork and analysis needed with manual trading. Let the robot do the hard work for you automatically!

Start using this winning expert advisor to execute a proven breakout trading system. Click below to download the Breakout Scalping Robot and unlock the potential of algorithmic breakout trading!

Forex Breakout Scalping Robot Free Download
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The Breakout Scalping Robot is a top performing expert advisor for Metatrader 4 that uses an innovative buy/sell breakout strategy t

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