Expert advisors have opened up algorithmic trading to traders across the skill spectrum. But few forex robots match the performance and reliability of the acclaimed Smart Machine EA.

After 5 years of live trading and over 9500% in gains, this expert advisor has proven its ability to generate monumental returns. Its innovative multi-strategy approach adapts to changing market dynamics for steady profits.

This in-depth Smart Machine EA guide explores what makes it a top choice among traders. Discover how it works, stats from extensive backtesting, performance features, and how to download it yourself.

The Rise of Algorithmic Trading

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Algorithmic trading refers to using computer programs and formulas to automate your trading strategy. Expert advisors are a popular way to engage in algo trading on Metatrader platforms.

Benefits of algorithmic systems include:

  • Automated entry and exit signals
  • Eliminates emotional decisions
  • Trades around the clock
  • Scalable across any time frame
  • Backtesting for strategy validation

With algorithmic trading, the computer does the hard work of analyzing charts and placing orders. This frees you up to focus on higher level strategy.

The Smart Machine expert advisor aims to realize the potential of algo trading through its innovative logic. Read on to learn what makes this EA so powerful.

Why The Smart Machine Dominates Other EAs

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So what has allowed the Smart Machine EA to accumulate over 9500% gains since launch? Two key innovations set it apart from the competition:

Adaptive Strategy – Uses not just one, but several trading strategies simultaneously. The EA adapts its approach based on real-time market conditions.

Self-Improving Technology – Proprietary machine learning algorithms enable the EA to continuously refine its own code. It gets smarter over time!

This combination of an adaptive multi-strategy system and auto-optimizing technology gives the Smart Machine expert advisor unmatched performance.

The equity curve below shows the EA’s growth versus a buy and hold approach over the past 5 years. Its algorithmic trading strategy clearly dominates.

While results will vary, this shows the potential of algorithmic trading when executed successfully. The Smart Machine does just that.

How The Trading System Works

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Now let’s examine exactly how the Smart Machine scans the market and determines which trades to make.

The expert advisor combines four unique trading strategies into one cohesive system:

  • Trend Following – Rides momentum in the overall market direction
  • Reversal – Profits from swing points and bounces
  • Scalping – Captures small intraday moves
  • Hedging – Opens counter-trend trades as “insurance”

Using machine learning, the EA analyzes price action in real-time to determine which strategy gives the highest probability setups. It then allocates trading capital across the strategies accordingly.

For example, in a strong uptrend it will focus on trend following. When the market is rangebound it applies the reversal strategy more. And when volatility dies down it switches to scalping mode.

This adaptive logic ensures you stay on the right side of market momentum at all times.

Entry Criteria & Risk Management

The Smart Machine uses clearly defined trade entry rules for each of its underlying strategies. Trades will only be placed when specific criteria are met.

Entries are evaluated based on factors like:

  • Momentum
  • Volatility
  • Support/resistance
  • Moving averages
  • MACD crossover
  • Overbought/oversold oscillators
  • Candlestick patterns

Conservative position sizing and stop losses keep risk contained. The EA targets a minimum 1:2 risk-reward ratio on every trade placed.

Exit Strategies & Profit Taking

Locking in profits is just as crucial as entering trades. The Smart Machine expert advisor uses data-driven logic to close trades at optimal times.

Possible exit scenarios include:

  • Target profit hit
  • Trailing stop triggered
  • Opposite signal from entry criteria
  • Break of trendline/support/resistance
  • Increase in volatility indicates reversal

The flexible strategy adapts exit tactics based on whether trends are accelerating or stalling out. This maximizes profit capture.

Optimized For Long Term Performance

While the Smart Machine EA comes with default settings, its inputs are highly customizable. Over 100 different parameters can be adjusted for your preferences.

These were extensively optimized through machine learning algorithms and evolutionary testing on historical price data. The system is tuned for long-term performance rather than exploiting short-term loopholes.

Continuous self-improvement algorithms ensure the EA adapts its trading logic to stay profitable in the future as well. No strategy works forever, but this evolutionary approach keeps it effective.

Benefits For Traders

The Smart Machine expert advisor aims to make algorithmic trading accessible and profitable for traders of all skill levels. Benefits include:

  • Proven long term performance
  • Multi-strategy adapts to any market
  • Low drawdown technology
  • Full automation of trading
  • Detailed reporting and stats
  • Alerts for trade openings/closings
  • Easy downloading & installation
  • Works with all Metatrader brokers

Basically, the Smart Machine handles every aspect of trading for you. It will analyze charts, find opportunities, place orders, set stop losses, and cash out winners. The hassles of manual trading are eliminated so you can sit back as the algorithmic strategies work their magic.

Stats From 5 Years of Live Trading

The best advertisement for any EA is long term real account performance data. Here are some of the key metrics published after 5 years of trading by the Smart Machine developer:

Gain: 9,586% Trades: 3,417 Win Rate: 87% Drawdown: 28.6% Profit Factor: 6.87 Account Growth: 832% per year

These stellar results were achieved across multiple broker accounts trading mainly EUR/USD. Of course, a disclaimer applies that past performance does not guarantee future results.

But seeing this level of gains proven in real market conditions provides strong evidence of the Smart Machine’s power. The EA more than held its own over 5 years of varying market conditions.

Getting Your Copy of the Smart Machine

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Hopefully this guide has shown the potential of algorithmic expert advisor trading. The Smart Machine provides a proven solution for executing innovative trading algorithms automatically.

Follow the steps below to download and install this leading expert advisor on your Metatrader platform:

Step 1) Get Your Copy

You can download the Smart Machine EA by clicking the link below now:

[Insert Download Button]

Save the .EX4 file to your computer.

Step 2) Upload to Metatrader

Open your Metatrader platform and drop the SmartMachine.ex4 file into the Experts folder.

Step 3) Add to Chart

Attach the EA file to your chosen currency pair chart. The EUR/USD M5 chart is recommended.

Step 4) Set Parameters

Input your trade settings, volume, times etc in the Inputs tab. Use defaults first.

Step 5) Enable Trading

Make sure your broker account has margin available and click auto trading.

Step 6) Monitor Trades

Watch the expert advisor trade automatically based on the strategies and logic coded into it.

And that’s it! The Smart Machine will now take over trading for you on autopilot. Take advantage of algorithmic trading by downloading the Smart Machine EA today.

Smart Machine EA Free Download
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Smart machine ea has opened up algorithmic trading to traders across the skill spectrum. But few forex robots match the performance and reliability

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