Merchantrade Asia is a leading fintech company pioneering the growth of forex brokerages and international money transfers across Asia. Since 2018, the organization has dramatically reshaped the foreign exchange landscape in the region with its innovative digital solutions and disruptive marketing strategies. This comprehensive guide explores Merchantrade Asia’s journey, business model, services, influence on Asia’s forex industry and what the future holds for the trailblazing company.


Over the past decade, Asia has witnessed exponential growth in forex trading activities. Rapid urbanization, increased internet penetration, rising income levels and greater awareness have all contributed to more Asian retail investors tapping into the $6.6 trillion global forex market. However, despite the high trading volumes, Asia’s forex industry has lagged behind in terms of infrastructure, transparency and use of technology.

Merchantrade Asia is on a mission to drive the evolution of Asia’s forex sector. Headquartered in Malaysia, the fintech firm leverages digital innovations to provide robust trading infrastructure, seamless cross-border money transfers and consumer friendly brokerage services. Since its inception, Merchantrade Asia has empowered individuals and SMEs to efficiently access forex markets while upholding ethical values and high regulatory standards.

This guide will explore Merchantrade Asia’s origins, business model, suite of forex offerings, marketing techniques, regulatory compliance, social impact and future outlook. Whether you are an aspiring forex trader, analyst or industry expert, read on to understand how this visionary company is transforming forex in Asia and beyond.

Background and Origins

Merchantrade Asia has its roots in Merchantrade Money Transfer, a leading Malaysian money transfer company founded in 2008. After a decade of growth in cross border remittance services, the company ventured into forex trading with the launch of Merchantrade Asia in 2018.

The company is headed by CEO, Ramasamy Veeran, an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in banking and financial services. The fintech company brings together a team of experts across technology, marketing, operations and compliance – all driven by the mission of democratizing forex trading in Asia.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Merchantrade Asia holds licenses from regulators in Malaysia, Dubai, Australia and Seychelles. The company aims to provide ethical, transparent and secure forex trading services to Asia’s burgeoning retail investor population.

Over the past five years, Merchantrade Asia has expanded rapidly across the region. Today, the company offers multi-lingual platforms and local support in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China. Merchantrade Asia is soon expected to launch operations in South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore and the Philippines as well.

Business Model and Offerings

Merchantrade Asia operates through two main business verticals:

1. Forex and CFD Brokerage

Merchantrade Asia owns and operates MT5 forex and CFD trading platforms under the brand names CapitalBay, Divvit and Coinsbee. Each brokerage brand offers currency pairs, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and other instruments to traders under competitive conditions.

The brokerages utilize robust order execution infrastructure with top-tier liquidity providers. Customers also get access to powerful trading platforms, market analysis tools, educational resources and multilingual customer support.

These brokerages cater to all types of traders from part-time retail investors to professional fund managers. The platforms can be accessed via desktop, web and mobile apps.

2. Money Transfers

Merchantrade’s money transfer services allow fast, low-cost international remittance transactions through partnerships with leading global payments networks. Individual and business customers can seamlessly send or receive funds across 130+ countries.

The money transfer platform supports bank transfers and cash pick-up options with competitive forex rates. Customers can send money 24/7 via Merchantrade’s mobile app, online portal or through an extensive agent network across Asia.

As a licensed money services provider, Merchantrade complies with strict KYC and AML regulations across jurisdictions. Robust technology infrastructure also ensures reliable, timely and secure processing of all money transfers.

This dual business model delivers an end-to-end forex ecosystem – from trading platforms to cross-border transfers and currency exchange – needed by Asian consumers and businesses.

Key Products and Services

Merchantrade Asia offers a suite of world-class forex trading tools and borderless payment options for Asian retail and institutional customers:

A. MT5 Trading Platforms

Merchantrade Asia delivers MetaTrader 5 (MT5) forex and CFD trading platforms through its regulated brokerages – CapitalBay, Divvit and Coinsbee. MT5 provides advanced functionality, customizability and lightning fast trade execution.

Key features include:

  • Support for desktop, web and mobile access
  • Over 2000 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices and ETFs
  • Advanced technical analysis with 80+ indicators and charts
  • Expert advisors and algorithmic trading options
  • Partial order fills and depth of market visibility
  • Millisecond execution speeds with Level II direct market access
  • Negative balance protection and transparent pricing
  • Multilingual support and Islamic accounts

B. Social Copy Trading

For beginner traders, Merchantrade Asia offers innovative copy trading services via CapitalBay and Divvit. Clients can automatically copy positions opened by experienced “strategy managers” on the platform.

This allows novice investors to passively earn returns mirroring the performance of top-performing traders. At the same time, prolific traders can monetize their strategies by attracting copiers.

C. PAMM Fund Management

The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) allows traders to operate personal hedge fund accounts on the MT5 platform. Investors can allocate capital into PAMM accounts managed by veteran forex money managers.

PAMM offers a transparent way for fund managers to attract investment capital and earn performance-based incentive fees. Investors get access to previously inaccessible money manager talent.

D. Merchantrade Money Transfers

Merchantrade facilitates fast, affordable money transfers through a global payments network connected to 14 international agents. Customers can directly transfer money from their Merchantrade trading accounts to 130+ countries worldwide.

The platform is accessible 24/7 via web, app and wide agent networks across Asia. Merchantrade leverages strategic partnerships with renowned money transfer providers like Western Union, MoneyGram, Transfast, Xpress Money and more.

Money transfers can be done using bank transfers or cash pick up. Customers benefit from wholesale forex rates, low fees, timely settlements and round the clock multilingual support.

For businesses, Merchantrade provides API integrations to enable forex payments acceptance, disbursements and risk management via a single interface.

Marketing and Promotions

A key factor driving Merchantrade Asia’s exponential growth is its aggressive digital marketing across multiple channels:

Social Media – Merchantrade runs targeted promotions on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Linkedin to engage Asian traders and educate new investors. Content is localized for different demographics.

Influencers – The company partners with forex influencers, live streamers, business personalities to expand brand awareness and trust. Commission structures incentivize referrals.

Paid Ads – Search, display and native advertising provides highly targeted visibility across Google, Bing, Youtube and leading Asian platforms. Data-driven customer acquisition is complemented by retargeting.

Affiliates – Merchantrade’s CPA, hybrid and rebate affiliate programs reward partners for generating new traders, depositors and volume. Gamification keeps affiliates engaged.

Email Marketing – Behavioral-based nurture and lifecycle campaigns focused on education, promotions and engagement help build lasting customer relationships.

PR and Events – Merchantrade hosts live conferences, sponsorships, gala dinners and analyst events to deepen engagement with partners, regulators and B2B customers.

This omni-channel digital marketing strategy coupled with offline initiatives cost-effectively delivers massive reach across multiple Asian demographics. Agile customer segmentation and personalized messaging ensure maximum conversion across the funnel.

Regulatory Standing

As a multi-jurisdictional fintech company, regulatory compliance is paramount for Merchantrade Asia. The company holds relevant licenses and approvals to offer forex and money transfer services across Asia.

Malaysia – Licensed and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) as an authorized money services provider and foreign exchange broker.

Australia – Merchantrade Asia Pacific holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) issued by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Dubai – The company operates out of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) under a license issued by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

Seychelles – CapitalBay FX Ltd is authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles as a securities dealer.

Merchantrade also maintains licensing partnerships with top regulators across multiple jurisdictions. The company adheres to strict protocols for customer due diligence, compliance monitoring and reporting as mandated by each regulator.

Robust AML and KYC policies ensure only legitimate fund sources are accepted. Merchantrade deploys the latest surveillance technology to detect suspicious trading patterns or transactions at scale. Regulatory audits are conducted annually to benchmark policies against requirements.

This emphasis on compliance promotes ethical trading and ensures customer assets are safely segregated with top tier liquidity providers and banks. Merchantrade also offers negative balance protection and fair trading terms across its platforms.

Technology Infrastructure

As a fintech company, Merchantrade relies on cutting edge technology to deliver efficient, transparent and scalable forex trading and money transfers:

  • MT5 trading platforms offer ultra low latency connectivity using dedicated FX bridging and integration with top tier liquidity providers like Swissquote Bank, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Citi. This ensures fast execution even during periods of peak volatility.
  • PCI DSS compliance safeguards credit card and customer personal data via end to end encryption and the latest cybersecurity protocols.
  • Partnerships with Turnkey Lender and Gold-i enable advanced margin trading, risk management and liquidity solutions tailored to each brokerage brand.
  • Proprietary bridge developed by Merchantrade provides a secure bridge between liquidity sources and brokerage platforms. The bridge enables fast connectivity and advanced execution logic to benefit traders.
  • Big Data Analytics on user behavior, transactions and market dynamics inform platform improvements, trading features and real-time risk management.
  • AI and ML models continuously optimize UX, customer support and compliance surveillance workflows across websites, platforms and mobile apps.
  • APIs and microservices allow seamless integration between Merchantrade’s platforms, payment networks and partner channels.
  • Cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services ensures Merchantrade’s platforms are always scalable without compromising security. Disaster recovery systems guarantee uninterrupted uptime.

Continuous technology innovation and process automation is critical for Merchantrade Asia to maintain its competitive edge and meet surging forex demand in Asia.

Social Impact in Asia

Beyond profits, Merchantrade Asia aims to deliver positive change in Asia’s forex landscape by:

  • Improving Forex Literacy – Free education via online academies, videos, guides helps new traders understand forex basics before risking capital.
  • Ethical Trading – Compliance with all local regulations promotes ethical trading and professional conduct lacking in many Asian brokers.
  • Secure Platforms – Robust cybersecurity, fund segregation and insurance protects trader capital against mismanagement or hacking risks prevalent among Asian brokers.
  • Fair Conditions – No requotes, transparent spreads and quality trade executions prevent abuses like slippage which are common across Asian forex brokers.
  • Localized Support – 24/7 multilingual customer service and support in Bahasa, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Mandarin removes language barriers faced by traders.
  • Rural Access – Mobile trading apps and internet-based platforms allow rural traders across Asia to participate in forex markets. Many domestic brokers lack digital infrastructure.
  • Nurturing Talent – Technology investments and partnerships help cultivate developer and compliance talent needed for Asia’s forex ecosystem.
  • Robust Infrastructure – Merchantrade’s trading infrastructure brings institutional-grade stability and risk management to largely fragmented Asian forex markets.

Through long-term partnerships, Merchantrade Asia empowers market operators, regulators, traders and businesses with world-class forex tools tailored for Asia.

Future Outlook

After an impressive start, Merchantrade Asia is poised for even greater growth in coming years as it expands across Asia and adds new offerings.

Regional Expansion – Merchantrade aims to launch regulated brokerage and money transfer operations in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines by 2025. More Asia licenses will follow.

New Asset Classes – The company plans to expand CFD offerings to include stock indices, commodities and other products to address growing demand.

Copy Trading Upgrades – Advanced algorithms will match strategy managers and copiers using custom compatibility scorecards for better copy trading results.

PAMM Investor Tools – New dashboards with risk metrics, tracker apps and fund manager profiling will attract more PAMM investors.

Wealth Management – Merchantrade may launch digital wealth management plans like robo-advisors for long-term investors.

Blockchain Integration – Tokenized assets, cryptocurrency PAMMs and other blockchain tools could provide differentiated offerings.

B2B Services – API integrations, white label solutions and liquidity services will strengthen B2B proposition for brokers, banks and corporations.

Talent Development – The Merchantrade Academy aims to train 1000+ new engineering and compliance professionals to support forex growth in Malaysia and across ASEAN.

Geographic Focus – Beyond Asia, Merchantrade is selectively exploring opportunities in emerging markets with high forex potential like Latin America and Africa.

As a pioneer firmly established in Asia’s forex space, Merchantrade has ambitious plans to scale into a global fintech powerhouse in the long run. Agility, innovation and social impact will continue defining the company’s vision ahead.


In just five years, Merchantrade Asia has dislodged incumbents and radically enhanced Asia’s forex landscape. The company has set new benchmarks in ethical trading, technology use and operational transparency.

Looking ahead, Merchantrade is well positioned to ride accelerating forex trading volumes in Asia and beyond. Its extensive licenses, robust infrastructure and strong local partnerships provide unmatched foundations for long-term growth.

However, complacency is Merchantrade’s biggest enemy now. As competition intensifies, the company must double down on platform innovations, compliance and talent development to retain its strategic edge.

But if Merchantrade stays focused on empowering rather than just serving traders and partners, the sky is the limit for this emerging fintech champion.